Non-toxic viable alternative to Glyphosate

A note from Howard ”  Please allow me to introduce myself and the company I represent. I am a third generation family farmer who is fortunate to still live on the family farm where I was born and raised. In 1989 we began using alternative farming methods on our family farm in northwest Iowa. Today it is referred to as regenerative/biological farming.

Due to the successes we had with the alternative farming practices on our farm, in 1992 I began providing crop and livestock nutrition advisory services to interested farmers and have been privileged to work with family farmers all across the US and Canada.

In 1994 I began studying GMO crops and began conducting on farm research in 1997.  I have been privileged to work with highly qualified scientists from around the world on researching the ill effects of GMO crops and glyphosate herbicides on the environment, plants animals and people. I am the primary coordinator and coauthor of a scientific study which was published in 2013.

I provide this information to establish the basis for how I arrived where I am today. I knew that we needed an alternative to toxic herbicides for weed control. Today, I manage the US division of a company that will be global in scope. Please forgive the anonymity of the company at this stage. I do not mention the name of our company or products until the conversation has progressed to a level that it is justified and then I will provide any and all necessary information.

As you will see in the attached PDF, we have developed a nontoxic, nonselective herbicide that terminates a broad array of plant species (especially the tough ones which have developed herbicide resistance). This is not the total answer to replace glyphosate based herbicides in every capacity but it will be a viable alternative in several specific areas and there are NO adverse side effects.  There is an independent scientific study that has been conducted to measure the effect of our nontoxic herbicide on the effect to the microorganisms in the soil and the result are very positive and should be published in a scientific journal later this year. We are killing the weeds while improving the health of the soil. There is more info on this in the attached PDF.

We have proven efficacy and affordability in the following areas.

Non-Crop Spot Spray – County, City, State & Municipality

Directed Spray – Vineyards, Orchards and Specialty Food Crops

Pre-Harvest Desiccation in Certain Food Crops (Potato and Pulses)

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