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Aggregate Findings of Over 100 GMO Rodent Feedings Studies

Over 100 Rodent feeding studies find harm using Roundup Ready and Bt toxin insecticide producing varieties of genetically modified foods that are on the market today and in our food supply. Harmful effects included: Stomach barrier damage, increased risk of intestinal infections, high cholesterol, high blood sugar; reproductive issues including lower birth weight and increased mortality of offspring; organ disturbances in the pancreas, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes; other disturbances including disturbances to the immune system, blood biochemistry and functioning of the digestive system. No wonder there is no consensus on the safety of GMO foods. The human experiment continues, unmonitored. Feel like a lab rat?

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Tell FKMC what you think about the FIRST release EVER in FL of GMO Mosquitoes! (with sequences of herpes and Ecoli)
Tuesday, August 18th Florida Keys Mosquito Control board will VOTE on approving a release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.
This is not just a Florida Keys issue; furthermore, this is not just a Florida issue. This issue is of international interest. Let’s not become another of Oxitec’s failed experiments.

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New Billboard Warning of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Key Largo, FL — Today a large billboard warns residents and visitors “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to be released in the Keys.” The South-bound traffic facing sign, located at mile marker 94, reflects the growing opposition to the pending decision about the release of millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (GMMs) in Monroe County, Florida. The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is expected to vote on the release tomorrow afternoon, July 21, 2020, at its public meeting. Public comments will be heard at 5pm EST. If approved, it would give a green light for Monroe County (The Florida Keys) to be the first location GMMs will be released in the U.S.

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Glyphosate should be banned to reduce harmful cyanobacterial blooms and red tides

Glyphosate is the “so-called” active chemical ingredient in Roundup herbicide as well as many other name brand glyphosate-based weedkillers. Glyphosate based herbicides are the most widely used in the world and glyphosate use has increased almost 15-fold in the last 20 years.

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Help get Roundup (Glyphosate) banned! ☠️🚫 From our friends at Organic Consumers Association and Millions Against Monsanto by

Before midnight July 5, please submit your comment DIRECTLY to the EPA on the agency’s Glyphosate Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision:

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Breaking! Key West Passes 6th resolution in FL to Ban Glyphosate!

Breaking! Thank you to the City of Key West Commissioners, Mayor Johnston & volunteers for passing the 6th resolution -or- ordinance in FL to ban glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) *In 2016, glyphosate was deemed “A probable human carcinogen” by the W.H.O.

Presently, the 3rd Monsanto/Bayer cancer trial awarded 2 billion dollars to CA couple Mr. and Mrs. Alva and the subsequent 13,400 Monsanto cancer trials pending across the nation.

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Howard Vlieger, (Farmer) – Viable (non-toxic) alternatives to Glyphosate

Howard Vlieger is a “student of the soil” and a third generation family farmer. Howard lives on the family farm he was born and raised on in Sioux County, Iowa. He’s been a “student of the soil,” studying why and how the soil works as it does, since 1989. Since 1992 he has been actively involved in crop and livestock nutrition advisory work with family farmers all across the US and Canada. In addition to the crop nutrition advisor work Howard is recognized worldwide for his research on GMO crops and their effects on livestock. Howard is the primary coordinator and a co-author of a first of its kind scientific study: The feeding of GMO grain and non-GMO grain to pigs for their lifetime as a meat animal which was published in 2013.

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Commissioner Michele Lazarow Champions Ban on Glyphosate (Round Up) in Hallandale Beach, FL.

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We are thrilled! ‘Secret Ingredients’ is now available worldwide!

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Do you want a misleading label on food packaging?
Tell the USDA to clearly label GMOs.

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In Loving Memory of Mila De Mier 4-10-18

We lost our good friend yesterday while she was in Washington DC to talk to congress members about genetically modified mosquitoes and bring over 200,000 signatures. Mila was an incredible human being, a passionate, caring woman and mother and friend. She was loved by all. The world was a better place with her here with us.

Please listen to one of her final interviews and you will see why she was loved by our community and beyond. For more click here.

SAVE THE DATE, MAY 19th, 2-5PM and help support The 6th Annual March Against Monsanto & Miami’s 1st #Farm2ForkFest!

A benefit for GMO Free Farmers recovering from hurricane Irma. Please support bringing this awesomeness to life. We are looking for sponsors, vendors, partners & volunteers!

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Glyphosate, deemed by The W.H.O as a “Probable Human Carcinogen” and most recently, “Roundup causes Liver Disease in Low Doses” there are hundreds of studies that show harm from glyphosate. We the people of Florida are calling for a moratorium on glyphosate to protect people, endangered species, and fragile ecosystems. There is no acceptable level of glyphosate in our bodies or the environment and for this reason we are calling for precautionary principle and a moratorium on glyphosate in the State of Florida.

Sign the petition then call and write to your elected officials!

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BREAKING: The EPA is reviewing plans to release Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and Texas. Will you be part of the experiment? Make your voice heard! Make your comment before April 6th, 2018

Read PDF | Comment Now | Call & Write: Nancy B. Beck – Phone 202-564-2910 E-mail:

GMO mosquitoes have already been shipped to Florida. The mosquitoes were developed by a British company called Oxitec using synthetic DNA based on the Herpes Virus and E.coli. There have been no environmental or human health studies and GMO mosquitoes cannot be recalled once they are released. Once they’re out, there is no recall. And once Oxitec has their mosquitoes out in Florida and Texas, you can be sure they’ll do it in other states. Oxitec either can’t or refuses to satisfy basic questions about the potential long-term environmental or health impacts of these lab-created insects. Not needed. Not wanted. Not proven safe.

Join Us As We Expose The Biggest Environmental Disaster In The History Of Mankind.

march against monsanto


A chemically intense monoculture doesn’t feed the world. $ Money (and access to food) does. Permaculture and local organic farming is part of the solution. Just like water, isn’t clean, safe, food for all a basic human right?

Volunteer! Donate! ♥Support the Go Fund Me

Florida, Find your March!
Fort Myers
Miami Miami After party:
Ormond Beach
Spring Hill
St. Petersburg


Florida Hotel Managers Are Expecting Unwanted Guests

Action: CALL -and- HAND WRITE A PERSONAL LETTER to your elected officials in Florida.  (Find your Representative)

What to say?  “I do not consent to the experimental release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in any location in Florida.  (Contrary to what Oxitec states) females will be released –What regulatory agency will be responsible should my family or pet have an adverse reaction?”

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Bring your flier or show flier on your phone!

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Shop Tunies from now to the end of the year and Tunies will donate your bag credit to help support GMO Free Florida!

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The whole Month of Dec

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The whole month of January

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breakingQuestions about Genetically  Engineered Mosquitoes

Will people get bit by genetically engineered mosquitoes? – Females will be released!

Yes.  Oxitec tried to claim at a meeting in Key West that, “we can do this male only release so we can release the insect is safe if you like, and not release both male and female together”

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South Florida residents, BEWARE: Aerial insecticide spraying to kill mosquitoes that potentially carry Zika virus has begun in Wynwood, Pinecrest and a 10 mile radius! Also, an undisclosed Larvicide as well. The EPA says the insecticide, Naled, is safe. A doctor says it’s a neurotoxin and stays in the air for 5 days after spraying. Who do you believe?… will your neighborhood be next? Next spray is scheduled for Saturday.

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How to keep calm and carry on as Zika virus causes a stir in the U.S.

Practical ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites…

In addition to the 9 Tips herein: You can wear pants and long sleeves, avoid dark colors and, Stay in places with air conditioning and screens on windows and doors.

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GMO labeling bill causes mixed reactions

CALL (202) 456-1111 NBC reaches out to GMO Free Florida for the scoop:

What to say?

President Obama: Keep your word from 2007 to label GMOs! –Stand up for ALL Americans. Veto this discriminatory bill.

Only 21% of Americans surveyed have scanned QR codes; QR code software must be downloaded. Just 27% of seniors & 50% of low income Americans own smartphones. 42% of Blacks & 36% of Latinos have had to let their smartphone service lapse.

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Just a few mintues ago, we reached our goal of 100,000 signatures on a petition site urging President Obama to veto the DARK Act, (S.764) THANK YOU to all of you who signed and shared — In just a little over two weeks we reached our goal, making this petition one of the fastest petitions to have reached its goal in the history of the petition site!

Now that we’ve met our goal, we need to light up the Whitehouse switchboard with phone calls demanding that President Obama veto this sham of a GMO labeling bill!

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Obama petitionDARKACT SA8785_nTHANK YOU!! We are already at 75,000 signatures! Help us VETO DARK ACT! The UNlabeling bill –We need 24,481 Signatures. Sign & Call today!

CALL: 202-456-1111 -or 202-456-1414


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TWEET & CALL your Representative Stop the Roberts DARK Act!


Last week the Senate passed the DARKest act yet. This bill is a slap in the face to all Americans. We want transparency! We want clear, on-package labels like 64+ other countries already have. We want #4simplewords #producedwithgeneticengineering #nodark

With this bill, GMO labeling will be hidden behind a QR code. Americans will have to dig for the information they want and be required to have a smart phone, upload an app, go to a website and call an 800 number to find out. Sound like GMO labeling to you?

All along, these Corporations have spent close to 400 million dollars to fight our right to know, including paying off our elected officials. All these years, these corps. have been fighting on-package labels in the US and now suddenly, they want to change all their packaging to add a ridiculous QR code? Adding to the absurdity of this bill, the definition of genetically engineered foods is so ambiguous that most GMO foods will never even be labeled!

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Obama petitionDARKACT SA8785_nPresident Obama:
VETO the discriminatory GMO unlabeling law!

We need 100,000 signatures! Sign and share today!

Sign the petition:
(Be sure to check your email to confirm your signature after)

Last week the senate passed the DARK Act, a bill that would preempt Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law and put in its place a bill that discriminates against a broad number of Americans and is full of loopholes, exemptions and ambiguity. The bill will go to the House Rules Committee on Tuesday afternoon to reconcile with the DARK Act passed by the House last July. Following that, the House will vote and if it passes, the DARK Act will land on President Obama’s desk for him to sign or veto. We must get this White House petition up to 100,000 signatures to force him to reply if the DARK Act should get to his desk next week. Please sign and share widely!

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stop the DARK act we want 4 simple words produced with genetic engineering

Stand up for true and transparent GMO Labeling!

Roberts and Stabenow’s discriminating bill S 764 is designed to destroy our right to know. Even the FDA says this bill is a sham and most GMOs will be exempt. We want transparency and clear on-package label just like 64 other countries already have! #4simplewords #producedwithgeneticengineering #stopdark We have waited 20 years for this Day!  Just as the Vermont GMO labeling law was set to implement on July 1st, our federal government is stepping in to preempt Vermont’s landmark legislation with a supposed federal “compromise”. It’s going to be a very close vote, so please call your senators today!

3 part action: Tweet, Email, Call!

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breaking news
Monsanto’s Politicians Unveil the DARKEST Act ever that will Deny Americans The Right to Know Every Single Thing about the GMOs in our food. Senators Pat Roberts and Debbie Stabenow introduced the newest version of the DARK Act, which would preempt Vermont’s GMO labeling law, set to go into effect on July 1st, and prohibit future state GMO labeling laws from being enacted. It would allow companies to use QR codes or 800 numbers as a means of disclosure, rather than the simple words, “produced with genetic engineering”. The bill also exempts many forms of genetically engineered foods from disclosure altogether. UNACCEPTABLE.

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RecoverfromGMORecover from GMOs
The Wrath of GMOs and Roundup

Lecture by Jeffrey Smith
June 2nd, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Hippocrates Health Institute
West Palm Beach, Florida

Free Event at HHI with
GMO Free Florida.

Are you and your family suffering from chronic conditions that can be eliminated with a simple change in your diet?

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On the Fence about GMO? Think GMOs are Healthy & Safe? Trust the FDA? Believe that’s it’s Feeding the World? Better Crops? Less Pesticides? Helps Farmers?–Think again!


JOIN US! TH. 5.19 7pm for an award winning Film Screening & fundraiser for #MAMmiami16 Showing Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith
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BREAKING: Senate Votes “NO” on Robert’s Sneaky D.A.R.K. Act. –THANK YOU Senator Bill Nelson!!

Thank you for standing up for the people! The vote was 48 in favor, 49 against. Robert’s D.A.R.K Act, a sneaky national standard for voluntary GMO labeling which would preempt Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law, set to take effect on July 1st of this year.

Thank you all for your calls, emails, handwritten letters, tweets & sharing! YOU DID THIS!! While this is an amazing victory, we celebrate, but stay tuned! A motion was filed to revisit and this will likely come back to the floor, possibly within the next 2 days. STAY ON RED ALERT! Please share!!

Four Simple Words: Made with Genetic Engineering

BREAKING: After a superficial assessment, the FDA plans to release Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys to control Dengue Fever. But wait! There is no Dengue Fever in the Keys. Will you be part of the experiment?



Thank you Rep. Vasilinda! Standing up for our ‘right to know’ and filing our GMO Labeling Bill 3 YEARS IN A ROW!

Thank you AGAIN Sen. Sachs for Filing our Senate Bill to Label GMO in FL!

Thank you AGAIN Sen. Ring for co-sponsoring our Senate Bill to label GMOs in FL.


GMO 2016



, a dramatic thriller Starring Zoe Lister-Jones, Danny Glover, Taylor Kinney, Anthony Edwards, Victor Garber, Kunal Nayyar, Griffin Dunne, Beth Grant, that explores the world of GMOs by following a mother’s attempt to solve her son’s mysterious illness. This impactful film sheds light on GMOs and GMO labeling.

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Watch the D.A.R.K. Act Hearing Then Tweet, Email, Call & Express Yourself!!!

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On Wednesday, the US Senate will have a hearing on “Agriculture Biotechnology: A Look at Federal Regulation and Stakeholder Perspectives.” While they haven’t shared the specific agenda, our sources tell us that this will be in support of HR 1599, officially called “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 the voluntary labeling law already passed in the House. We call it the DARK Act, because it will Deny Americans the Right to Know. We don’t expect there to be a (strong) push for S.511, Senator Boxer’s Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act. By examining the witness list, and from past experiences, we can reasonably predict that this will be very ugly, with many lies,partial truths, and mis-information. Read More



GMOFFL helps CBS CH. 4, Michele Gillen navigate a sea of dizzying labels.

CBSMiami (CBSMiami) – There has been an explosion in the United State of people wanting to know where their food comes from and what’s in it.

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GoFundMeGMOFFL T-shirt Go Fund Me

GMOFFL is raising money to print t-shirts to help us create awareness events, campaigns to get GMOs Labeled in Florida! One of our leading sponsors, Heal the Planet, has agreed to match any donations received for the next 30 days up to the value of $2,500. Any donation is appreciated!

We need your help! Put your money where your mouth is and donate any amount to help us towards our goal of a safe food supply for everyone!




Contact the Florida Keys Tourism Board and tell them Genetically Engineered mosquitoes are bad for tourism. Tell them you won’t be vacationing in Florida if they release GE mosquitoes. 855-969-5216

READ MORE: Florida needs our help. GE mosquitoes have been shipped to Florida and pending approval, could be released in the Keys. British biotech company, Oxitec, is set to release experimental genetically engineered mosquitoes in Key Haven, Florida as early as this year. Proper environmental impact studies have not been performed. Claims that these mosquitoes are only male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, are unable to reproduce or will control dengue fever are either completely false or unsubstantiated. In actuality, instances of dengue fever rose in Brazil where Oxitec performed a test release. Also, thousands of biting females will likely be released. Once they’re out, there is no recall!

SIGN the Petition: Click Here
READ this backgrounder on GE mosquitoes: Click Here
READ New Study Pokes Hole in GMO Mosquito Plan: Click Here
READ Brazil Announces Dengue Fever Emergency in GM Mosquito Trials Region: Click Here
READ Food & Water Watch Friends of the Earth U.S. Click Here 


FLORIDA CALL TO ACTION: Florida GMO labeling bills are being IGNORED.

For the bills to move forward the House Ag & Natural Resources Subcommittee Chair and the Senate Ag Committee Chair need to call these bills up for vote. Florida residents have the right to demand that these bills be voted on.

Senate Ag Committee chair (SB416):
Sen. Bill Montford (850) 487-5003
House Ag & Natural Resources Subcommittee Chair (HB351):
Rep. Tom Goodson (850) 717-5050 toll free until Saturday or (850) 717-5050

WE NEED TO KNOW IF IT’S GMO! @TGoodsonFLHD50 #Florida #labelgmos #HB351 #SB416 #SenBillMontford #RepTomGoodson #needtoknowgmo #freedom2chooz #gmofreeflorida #gmofreeusa


Both House and Senate Bills have be re-introduced!!

Huge thanks to Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda and Senator Jeremy Ring for reintroducing our House and Senate Bills.

Please support mandatory GMO labeling in Florida. Click Here

HB 351 Click Here
SB 416 Click Here


4th Resolution Passed with City of Margate to Label GMO

City of Margate unanimously passed the 4th resolution in support of Labeling GMOs in Florida! Special thanks to Mayor Simone, Vice Mayor Ruzzano, and Commissioner Le Peerman!

Thank you to our community of amazing volunteers!!!


City of Ft. Lauderdale Passes Resolution to Label GMO

Thank you to the Fort Lauderdale Commission for embracing a local resolution to label GMOs!

A huge shout to our community of amazing volunteers for helping make this happen!!

Here is to a wonderful 2015!



BIG Shout & Thank you to ‘Heal the Planet’ for your support of GMOFFL!
Their partnership is instrumental in the GMO Labeling fight.
Heal The Planet is an online community committed to real and lasting healing for the planet through the cycle of offering its consumer the best organic, green, and sustainable products available on the market – and then “recycling” 100% of the profits back to charitable foundations similarly dedicated to healing the planet.



City of Miami Beach supports 2nd local resolution in FL!

A BIG THANK YOU!! To Mayor Philip Levine, Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco, Commissioner Joy V.W. Malakoff, Commissioner Ed Tobin, Micky Steinberg for Miami Beach Commission, Jonah Wolfson, Deede Weithorn & CITY OF MIAMI BEACH!



City of Hallandale Supports Consumers ‘Right to Know’ GMO Labeling in Florida Including a ban on overuse of antibiotics in livestock.
Hallandale Bch, FL – September 3rd, 2014 – The City of Hallandale Beach became the first city in Florida to unanimously pass a resolution in favor of GMO labeling AND a resolution supporting a ban on the overuse of antibiotics in livestock.

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